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  • Membership ??? Am I a member?? How can I check and how do I get one?
    For existing members or if you're interested in becoming a member, you should use the 'Login/Sign-up' portal in the upper right corner of our websites header. If you are signing up for the first time, you'll be prompted to complete the sign-up registration form. Keep in mind: Whether you are an existing member or a newly signed up member that has completed the registration process, but have not yet purchased a 'paid membership' subscription, you will have only very limited access within the members area of the website, and you will not be able to purchase event tickets, resort passes, or book stays at the resort. Only 'paid' members will have complete access and privileges to make purchases and book your stays online. Navigation: Newly signed up members and current members without a paid subscription plan, should select "My Membership" from the dropdown menu in the header after you've logged in. If you have already purchased a membership subscription you'll see it there in the "My Membership" dropdown menu. If you haven't yet purchased a membership subscription plan, you'll be prompted 'Check Plans' and select an available membership plan to purchase it. We are a private, members only hotel and resort. We have every right to review and approve or deny any request to be a member. We also have the right to remove and or revoke a membership of any existing member. Our members are heterosexual couples, and invited single men and women who attend with a couple become the responsibility of the couple that their invited singles follow all of the resorts rules and regulations. EDR's Terms of Use and Membership Agreement
  • Do weekend guests need to purchase a Day Pass?
    NO! Our hotel guests are invited to all events on the property. If there is a Special Event, that requires additional registration, notice will be sent in advance of reserving a room.
  • How can I buy a day pass? (Resort Pass)
    MEMBERS - If you have been before! If you are an existing member you can purchase a resort pass via text with EDR, or even Via Chat on the bottom right corner. - Send a message requesting a to reserve a day pass and someone can assist. Over the phone during office business hours! In Person during office business hours! ** PASSES ARE NOT SOLD AFTER OFFICE BUSINESS HOURS - NO EXCEPTION **
  • Do we HAVE to be NAKED ???
    NO ! ! ! EDR Welcomes everyone and wants everyone to be comfortable. At the request of those that prefer to be Naked and party with other Naked people, we announced in January that we now have a NUDE pool. We have added more day beds to that area. So come however you are comfortable, and just party and have a good time! Because in the end that is all its about!
  • What is COPA - what do I need to do, to go with EDR?
    - Passes are sold 6pm - 9pm while the office is open on Friday and Saturday nights ONLY! COPA is a high-energy bar and nightclub, conveniently located three minutes from EDR. - We have made arrangements with the Night Club to welcome EDR and our members so that we can party inside where it is warm. BUT don't panic, it's just until it heats up outside, then its back to the Pavilion for the summer! You must have an EDR Wristband. When you check-in, show your wristband and let them know you are with EDR. As a member there is no cover charge and you will be shown where the EDR VIP sections is for that night! There is no additional charge to go to COPA with us, it is included in both the room reservation or the resort pass! If you want to come out for the night, you will need to get to EDR before the office closes to purchase your "After-dark" resort pass.
  • Business Hours
    The Office is open: Sunday - Thursday: 9:00am - 5:00pm Friday - Saturday: 9:00am - 5:00pm Phones are open: Monday - Sunday: 9:00am - 10:00pm
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